News · Luxembourg· Jun 7, 2022

Rolling Wireless Expands Automotive Software Portfolio with Smart Services

Automotive OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers can accelerate Telematics Control Unit (TCU) development by leveraging ready-to-use software applications for common telematics use cases.

Rolling Wireless, the world’s leading Tier 2 supplier of network access devices (NADs) to the automotive industry, today announced the introduction of a range of new software solutions designed to serve the needs of car OEMs and Tier 1 telematics control unit (TCU) suppliers. 

The new range of Smart Services are ready-to-use applications built on top of the open-source Legato software platform, which is already embedded in more than 30 million vehicles all over the world. Addressing some of the most common telematics use cases, they will reduce time to market for Rolling Wireless’ customers.  

eCall Ready IVS 

The high-availability eCall IVS Smart Service is designed to meet eCall requirements for regions with mandatory emergency call regulations. It implements the complete state machine for an eCall IVS application, including voice prompt playback, redial timers, call resume, etc.  

The application can be customised and extended to meet most customers’ private eCall (CAN call) implementations. 

Network Manager 

With the integration of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and cellular modules in most TCUs, in-vehicle connectivity options have multiplied. The Network Manager Smart Service is designed to ensure reliable, optimised connectivity at all times.  

The application monitors available networks and provides smart switching between the connections to optimise for the customer’s desired KPIs. It can monitor multiple cellular networks (if the TCU is equipped with multiple SIMs); available Radio Access Technologies (RATs) like 3G, 4G and 5G; as well as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth networks. 

Health Monitor 

This service monitors the health of the NAD as well as the TCU to ensure that both systems can meet the expected lifetime of the device. It can monitor several environmental parameters as well as the memory read/write and CPU usage to detect and prevent unexpected behaviour. The application can either do passive monitoring and generate alerts, or take corrective action to reduce permanent harm to the device. 

 All the new Smart Services applications are flexible and easily customised to fit specific customer requirements. They are fully validated, and will be continuously maintained and updated to meet changing regulatory and industry standards. 

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About Rolling Wireless 

Rolling Wireless is the world’s leading Tier 2 supplier of network access devices (NADs) to the automotive industry, with over 40 million automotive-grade cellular modules shipped to date. 

Building on more than two decades of innovation and operational excellence, Rolling Wireless helps automotive OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers create applications that enhance safety, delight drivers, and generate additional revenue. The company’s unique open-source software platform, Legato, enables customers to build Linux-based telematics control units (TCUs) on a single module. 

Rolling Wireless was established as an independent company in 2020, with the divestiture of Sierra Wireless’ automotive business unit. Headquartered in Luxembourg, the company employs approximately 200 automotive experts worldwide.