The Rolling Wireless RX135x module is a dual-mode, dual-channel V2X module supporting legacy (LTE-V2X/DSRC) and next-generation (NR-V2X/802.11bd) V2X technologies. 

It is designed to support advanced V2X applications (Day 2+), paving the way for automated and cooperative driving and achieving the goal of fully connected traffic. 

This companion V2X module is based on Autotalks' third-generation SECTON3 chipset. It can be connected either to a Rolling Wireless automotive-grade 5G module, using the NAD’s application processor, or to any external application processor to run the V2X stack and applications.



Tested for the automotive industry’s toughest specifications to deliver high quality and long-life spans under the hood

V2X technology flexibility

Concurrent operation of two frequency channels to support Day1 and Day2+ V2X applications:

  • C-V2X Rel 14 or 802.11p (Day 1 V2X technologies)
  • C-V2X Rel 16 or 802.11bd (Day 2 V2X technologies)


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