Hardware Design Review

Rolling Wireless offers a Hardware Design Review service to facilitate the integration of Rolling Wireless products in the customer application. The service covers schematic and layout reviews of customer designs integrating Rolling Wireless modules, and can be processed with schematic and layout files provided by the customer.

Our experience at your service

Drawing on the System Engineering team’s extensive experience with telematic solutions design, this service helps our automotive customers integrate Rolling Wireless connectivity solutions in their applications using design best practices. 

The Design Review service helps customers: 

  • Ensure a high degree of solution stability and performance 
  • Avoid deployment errors that could result in delays and added expenses 
  • Minimise time-consuming redesigns by ensuring proper design early in the product life cycle 
  • Avoid common issues and expedite the resolution of critical problems 
  • Guarantee safe integration of Rolling Wireless products

Inputs and checklist

The Hardware Design Review service is based on the following mandatory inputs from the customer:

  • Schematics (a searchable pdf file)
  • Layout and component layers (Gerber file)
  • Stack-up file with dielectric information (er )

During the review, our System Engineering team verifies:

  • The electrical compliance of each pin or interface connected to the Rolling Wireless module
  • That the symbol created (the customer's CAD library) complies with Rolling Wireless’ Product Technical Specification and Customer Process Guidelines
  • That there are no missing components and no other errors in the whole schematic

Report and review meeting

Upon completion of the review, the customer receives an extensive report with our recommendations for the schematic and layout. We also offer a review meeting to go over the conclusions and recommendations in the report, followed by a Q&A session.