Audio services

Our Audio services are designed to help our customers ensure that their applications meet the certification requirements for automated emergency response systems such as eCall and ERA-GLONASS.

In telematics systems that integrate Rolling Wireless modules, parameters such as gain (amplification), echo cancellation, noise cancellation, and filtering are controlled by adjusting the parameters of the Rolling Wireless NAD. However, acoustic performance also depends on how the module is integrated into the overall in-car system. 

To ensure that the customer application will enable loud and clear conversations with emergency operators, and that all the necessary certification requirements are met, Rolling Wireless must be involved from the very beginning of the project to advise the Tier 1 supplier and the car OEM on the overall system integration.

Rolling Wireless offers three different audio services:

  • Audio design review
  • Audio training
  • Audio tuning 

Audio design review

In the design phase, this service offers an in-depth technical review of the customer’s audio design and specifications (choice and placement of microphone, speakers, etc.).

In the design implementation phase, we also provide technical expertise and consultancy to the Tier 1 supplier and/or the car OEM.

Audio training

This service includes a 2-day training session at Rolling Wireless’ lab in Shenzhen*. The lab has a fully equipped audio tuning test bench, complete with a test vehicle, a HEAD Measurement System IV.0, a MFE VI.1 two-channel front-end, radio communication testers, and a background noise playback system.

During the training, our customers' engineers learn how to use the Rolling Wireless audio tuning tool, and work with our audio experts to perform preliminary testing and tuning in our test vehicle.

The training covers:

  • System overview: technical discussion of hardware design, microphone placement, speaker selection and placement, and how they affect acoustic performance.
  • Tool overview: This section introduces the customer engineer to the Rolling Wireless Audio Tuning tool and provides hands-on training in how to use the tool for tuning.
  • Tuning overview: This section covers the tuning methodology which includes gain distribution, filter design, automatic gain control, echo cancellation and noise suppression

Audio tuning

If a test vehicle and a lab equipped with all the necessary hardware are available at the customer site, Rolling Wireless engineers can also provide onsite audio tuning support at the customer’s own location*. 

The tuning service is delivered over a full week by a Rolling Wireless engineer, who carries the essential ACQUA equipment required for testing. On request, a background noise playback system and other supporting hardware can also be provided.

The customer lab must be equipped with the necessary hardware and software for automotive tuning and testing, including 2 to 3 test vehicles and a Head and Torso Simulator (HATS). For background noise testing, the customer must also pre-arrange necessary hardware.

In terms of software, Rolling Wireless offers a proprietary audio tuning tool (RWAT) which enables access to and tweaking of acoustic parameters such as echo cancelers, noise cancelers, gains, and dynamic range control. The tool supports IIR filter design and does not require a LabVIEW license. 

(*) The audio tuning service can also be performed in Shenzhen, if the customer’s test vehicle is made available on site.

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