Quality policy and customer guidelines

Our quality policy is designed to guarantee the safety and quality of our products and services, and to ensure the satisfaction and trust of our customers, partners, and suppliers. 

It reflects our commitment to manufacturing and selling safe, innovative products in a sustainable manner and in accordance with the ethics and regulations in force. 

Quality policy


Customer satisfaction

We listen to our customers carefully and ensure their satisfaction by striving to exceed their expectations for support, quality, cost and responsiveness in order to grow our business.​


Continuous improvement

We promote a culture of continuous improvement that values safer and more reliable products through execution, innovation, integrity and teamwork throughout the organisation.



We work with our partners and suppliers to strengthen the quality chain and provide differentiating value in our products.

Manuals and guidelines

Our comprehensive quality guidelines are designed to quickly address and resolve any Quality related Requests or issues that may arise, from RFQ answering to product and process change notices to timely resolution of customer issues and complaints. 

  • General quality guidelines
  • Quality system manual
  • Product life cycle
  • Product change notification

Customer Process Guidelines and production support

Rolling Wireless provides detailed Customer Process Guidelines (CPG) for the industrial assembly of our NADs on an application. We also provide a CPG service to ensure successful handling of the units on our customers’ production floors. 

Guidelines include:

  • MLS & production backing rules 
  • Baking for shelf-life extension 
  • ESD & storage
  • Solder mask recommendation, land pad recommendation
  • Stencil design, panel design 
  • Reflow profile
  • Orientation poka-yoke
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Product Change Notification

Rolling Wireless and our suppliers are committed to continual improvement of delivered product quality, as well as supply chain sustainability and effectiveness. As a result, we may need to modify, update, or discontinue products or manufacturing processes. 

Rolling Wireless complies with the requirements for timely notification in the J-STD-046 standard. Consistent with this industry standard, customers will be notified of major changes which affect the form, fit, or function, or which adversely affect the quality or reliability of the product. Customers may or may not be notified of minor changes, depending on the agreed requirements between customer and Rolling Wireless. 

Rolling Wireless provides the following information in our PCN documents: 

  • Detailed description 
  • Reason for change 
  • PCN tracking number 
  • Product identification (affected products) 
  • Anticipated (positive/negative) impact on fit, form, function, quality & reliability 
  • Qualification plan and results (or schedule if results are not available) 
  • Sample availability date 
  • Projected production shipment date 
  • Rolling Wireless contact information 

Additional information on the PCN process is provided in our General Quality Guidelines. 

Product End of Life (obsolescence)

Rolling Wireless strives to minimize product disruption, but discontinuation of products is sometimes necessary and needs to be managed. 

Our product discontinuation process complies with the J-STD-048 standard. We allow 12 months for the last order, and an additional 6 months for final delivery of end-of-life products. 

An accelerated process may be needed in some rare circumstances. If this occurs, we will communicate the last time buy and final ship dates to affected customers. 

Product end of life notifications include:  

  • Product identification (affected products) 
  • Detailed description 
  • PCN tracking number 
  • Last order date (no more than 12 months after notification) 
  • Last delivery date (up to 6 months after order period ends) 
  • Identification of replacement product, if applicable
  • Rolling Wireless contact information