Corporate and social responsibility

Rolling Wireless has gained the recognition and trust of our customers thanks to the high quality and reliability of our products, and to our responsible corporate management and compliance. Our aim is to maintain this trust and high esteem in the future, too. 

Management of hazardous substances in our products

Chemical substances in our products are regulated by laws such as REACH and ELV, but also by standards such as GADSL for example. To comply with these legal requirements and standards, we use the International Material Data System (IMDS) database. 

Via IMDS, our suppliers submit their Material Data Sheets (MDS) to us. These data sheets include the lists of materials and chemical substances contained in the components that are integrated in our products. 

In addition to verifying our suppliers’ statements, we use the IMDS analysis tools to check that the electronic components, shielding, PCB, soldering, etc. comply with legal and customer requirements. If necessary, we also have them analyzed by a laboratory. 

To the best of our knowledge and due diligence, we create our MDS and submit them to our customers who can then integrate them into their own MDS.