Cellular solutions for connected cars

More than simple cellular modems, Rolling Wireless’ automotive wireless modules provide an integrated automotive connectivity solution.

Reduce risk

Reduce risk

Add new features in less time

Add new features in less time

Go faster to market

Go faster to market


Integrated solutions for automotive

Equipped with an application processor that runs open-source embedded software, our modules enable OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers to build a Linux- based telematics control unit (TCU) using a single module.


  • Application processor dedicated
  • Large set of interfaces for connection to peripherals
  • Integrated features with GNSS, C-V2X and DSDA
  • Secured HW with Crypto Engine, TrustZone
  • Automotive grade module
  • Latest technologies with 4G and 5G


  • Customizable Linux distribution (Yocto)
  • Open to different application frameworks
  • Secured with SecureBoot, Software Authentication, Access control, Encryption, …
  • Integrated BSP peripherals and extensions: Ethernet, SD card, Wifi/BT,
  • Safe with Sandboxing, IPC and RPC technologies
  • Evolutive Application Framework with growing services and future extensions of architecture into V2X domain

All our solutions are designed to meet the highest automotive quality standards

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Software platform

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