A secure, customizable software solution for automotive applications

Speed up and simplify automotive application development

Rolling Wireless Network Access Devices (NADs) are more than just 4G or 5G modems. They are smart, flexible connectivity solutions, delivered with an integrated software platform designed to optimize the application development process.

Embedded in more than 40 million vehicles since 2017, the Rolling Wireless software platform — Legato — includes connectivity plus all the other components needed to build a safe, reliable and scalable telematic application. It builds on a custom Linux distribution, designed with Yocto and optimized for automotive application development.

Unmatched flexibility

Choose a turnkey solution or leverage your existing software

The Legato software platform includes the Legato Application Framework, which offers unmatched software architecture flexibility. It enables easy porting of your existing software and facilitates new feature development. Any customer solution can be supported:

◼  Legato Software Platform


Build your design entirely on Legato software, and take advantage of the wealth of services and APIs that are already included.

◼  Legato Software Platform


Take a hybrid approach and combine the Legato Application Framework with another application framework or Radio Interface Layer (RIL).

◼  Legato Software Platform


Fully customized architecture based on your application requirements and existing software.

Quality and longevity

Future-proof your software investments

Rolling Wireless has built automotive connectivity solutions for more than 20 years. Our solutions and processes are designed to meet the automotive industry’s demanding quality and longevity requirements.

Proven development processes

We strictly adhere to proven automotive development and test processes, and perform security vulnerability monitoring in accordance with UNECE regulations.

Constant evolution

Our software platform is continuously evolving to support new technologies and standards, such as 5G and V2X, as well as other value-added functions and services. We provide regular system updates, and frequently add features to comply with new regulations and customer demands.

Customizable Linux distribution

Optimize the Linux kernel and manage your features

The Legato software platform is based on a customized open-source Linux distribution, designed to provide up-to-date security and optimum performance throughout its lifecycle.

The custom configuration allows us to control the maintenance of the distribution and proactively update key software components. Our streamlined system maintenance strategy ensures an always up-to-date distribution, with planned upgrades of kernel and Yocto versions.

Highly customizable, the  Legato Linux distribution also allows you to optimize the kernel and easily add or remove features. For example, you can integrate external components to extend features, or to optimize system performance for improved bootup time or memory utilization.

Secure multi-application management

Optimize the Linux kernel and manage your features

The Legato Application Framework enables multi-application management in a safe and secure environment. It also provides access to multiple services and functions through C/C++ APIs, facilitating the development of automotive applications such as 

  • eCall 
  • Positioning 
  • Connectivity management 
  • Software updates 
  • Network monitoring 
  • and more

Legato’s rich set of core services includes:

  • Supervision
  • Application watchdog
  • Sandboxing for application isolation
  • Over-the-air software and firmware updates
  • Mandatory access control
  • plus many others

Highly configurable, Legato allows you to select, enable and embed the services your application development project requires.

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Advanced security features

Ensure compliance with an advanced security feature set

The Legato software platform offers a secure environment with a fully secure boot sequence including signature checks, anti-fallback mechanisms and authentication checks (DM-Verity) at each level of the boot.

The platform provides security solutions for many possible threats and vulnerabilities of the system, including those defined by the UNECE WP.29 regulatory forum, by enabling secure components for access control (SMACK) and system monitoring and checking (IMA). It also offers security and crypto services like secure storage, OpenSSL engine, and others.

Rolling Wireless adheres to a strict vulnerability management process (tracking, reporting, analyzing). We also continuously monitor and update key Linux security components.

Embedded software:

  • Secure Boot with signed images
  • Dual System with recovery mechanism
  • System security & integrity: SMACK, DM-Verity, IMA
  • Security/crypto services: Secure storage, Key storage, eFuses, OpenSSL engine (based on TZ/QSEE)
  • Hardware IP Acceleration (IPA) for firewall, filtering, routing, …
  • Safety of Legato applications: sandbox, supervisor, watchdog, …

Security management processes:

  • Vulnerability Management System: Tracking/reporting of vulnerabilities (CVE, bulletins, RW inspections, …)
  • Continuous monitoring and update of key security Linux components (OpenSSL, iptables, …)

Reliability features and safe boot

The Legato software platform includes a Dual System for backups and software updates, which ensures a reliable and safe boot every time. Its reliability features enable thermal management, power failures monitoring to prevent Flash memory corruption and memory management (e.g., fail-safe filesystems, wear-leveling/memory scrub, backup/restore …).

  • To ensure optimum reliability, the Dual System is an important component of the NAD architecture
    • The Dual System uses two separate partition sets. The two sets have identical content during normal operation, but different content during software updates
    • The images that are loaded from one partition set and executed in the RAM are called the active system
    • The other set is referred to as a backup system (at run time) or update system (at software update time)
  • Rolling Wireless NADs support secure APIs (such as SWAP and SYNC) to allow necessary system level controls via customer applications

Over-the-air update

The platform comes with a pre-integrated market reference SOTA/FOTA solution. It also has all the necessary interfaces and utilities for integrating a custom SOTA/FOTA solution.

Software development and maintenance services

All Rolling Wireless software releases are thoroughly tested in a standard environment and configuration.

To ensure the same level of reliability for customer applications, Rolling Wireless offers a wide range of professional software development and maintenance services:

  • Support for development and configuration of the Rolling Wireless software solution within the customer application environment
  • Issue analysis and fixes for open-source Linux components in the customer application environment
  • Development of any custom features, functions and APIs required
  • Customer-specific maintenance during the entire project lifecycle