News · LUXEMBOURG, Luxembourg and SURESNES, France· Jan 25, 2024

Rolling Wireless and Marben Collaborate to Enable Robust Day 1 V2X Telematics Applications

Marben Ready-to-Use V2X Software and Rolling Wireless V2X Hardware Enable Optimized Architecture for Traffic Safety Applications

Marben, a global leader in ready-to-use V2X software solutions and Rolling Wireless, the world’s leading supplier of network access devices (NADs) to the automotive industry, have successfully completed a joint Proof of Concept (PoC) demonstrating V2X Day 1 applications for the automotive telematics market using C-V2X as the communication technology between vehicles.

V2X, or "vehicle-to-everything", refers to the exchange of information between a vehicle and any entity in its surroundings that may affect it (other vehicles, infrastructure, pedestrians) and vice versa. The main purposes of V2X deployments are improved road safety, better traffic flow, and energy efficiency. V2X applica-tions will be rolled out in three phases termed Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3, where Day 1 applications focus on critical situational awareness.

To demonstrate an optimized architecture for V2X applications, Rolling Wireless and Marben have collaborated on a proof of concept (PoC) running Marben C-V2X software solutions on Rolling Wireless V2X hardware.

The PoC is built around the Rolling Wireless RX113A V2X module, connected to a Rolling Wireless 5G network access device (NAD). The RX113A module integrates the C-V2X (Rel.14/15) direct communications (PC5) modem. The NAD, on the other hand, provides the application processor and GNSS resources necessary for V2X applications, similar to a telematics control unit (TCU) architecture. MARBEN V2X communication stack and Day 1 applications have been successfully integrated on the hardware, where they run on the NAD’s application processor.

The combined expertise of the two companies has resulted in an integrated solution demonstrating the maturity and performance of their respective V2X technologies. The proof of concept demonstrates how messages are exchanged in two typical V2X Day 1 use cases:

  • Forward collision warning: informs the vehicle of an imminent collision due to the detection of a vehicle upfront that has stopped or is driving slowly, allowing the driver to brake before it is too late.
  • Emergency vehicle approaching: informs the vehicle of an emergency vehicle approaching prior to the siren or light bar being audible or visible, allowing the driver to clear the road in advance.

“Improved connectivity between vehicles and other entities will provide substantial safety and efficiency benefits. Day 1 applications are also laying the groundwork for the future transition to fully autonomous driving," said Andreas Kohn, Chief Operating Officer at Rolling Wireless. “The collaboration with Marben underscores our commitment to advancing automotive telematics and enhancing road safety through innovative technology."

“We are pleased to partner with Rolling Wireless to illustrate the capabilities of our V2X software solutions for the automotive telematics market,” said Vish Emani, Managing Director at Marben. “This successful proof of concept exemplifies the capabilities and performance of MARBEN V2X stack and applications, and we are excited to prove how seamlessly they integrate with today’s state-of-the-art hardware for automotive telematics.”

Marben's cost-effective C-V2X software solution has previously been used to demonstrate basic safety use cases, Vulnerable Road User (VRU), Red Light Violation Warning (RLVW), Left Turn Assist (LTA), and many other safety and mobility applications. Its flexibility will also enable seamless integration with future use cases proposed by consortiums or standard bodies.

The Rolling Wireless RX113A module is a dual-mode, single-channel V2X module supporting C-V2X or DSRC. In order to run V2X Day 1 applications, this companion module can be connected either to a Rolling Wireless automotive-grade 5G module, using the NAD’s application processor, or to any external application processor.

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About Rolling Wireless

Rolling Wireless is the world’s leading supplier of network access devices (NADs) to the automotive industry, with over 50 million automotive-grade cellular modules shipped to date.  

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Rolling Wireless was established as an independent company in 2020. Headquartered in Luxembourg, the company employs more than 250 automotive experts worldwide.