News · Luxembourg· Jan 16, 2023

Rolling Wireless Receives Automotive SPICE® (A-SPICE) Capability Level 3 Approval

A-SPICE CL3 assessment confirms Rolling Wireless’ ability to design and deploy best-in-class embedded software for automotive connectivity applications.

Rolling Wireless, the world’s leading supplier of cellular network access devices (NADs) for the automotive industry, today announced that the company has received Automotive SPICE® (version 3.1) Capability Level 3 approval.

A-SPICE is an initiative of the Automotive Special Interest Group and Quality Management Center of the German association of the automotive industry (VDA QMC). The process assessment scheme defines best practices for embedded automotive systems development, and is widely used to assess automotive software suppliers’ capabilities.

"We are honoured to receive this confirmation, which recognises the hard work and dedication of our entire team," said Andreas Kohn, Chief Operating Officer of Rolling Wireless. "Achieving A-SPICE Capability Level 3 is a testament to the excellence of our software development processes, and our commitment to providing the automotive industry with the highest quality connectivity solutions."

An independent assessment was conducted at Rolling Wireless’ R&D centre in Shenzhen in January 2023 by Worthy Technology, a globally recognised consulting company, and led by Mr Hou Yawen, intacs® certified Principal Assessor.

"Our assessment team is delighted to confirm that Rolling Wireless has implemented and met all of the strict A-SPICE Capability Level 3 requirements,” said Mr Hou. “Their commitment to the highest standards of security and reliability has been evident throughout the rigorous assessment process, and we are proud to award them with this endorsement of quality."

About Rolling Wireless

Rolling Wireless is the world’s leading supplier of network access devices (NADs) to the automotive industry, with over 40 million automotive-grade cellular modules shipped to date.

Building on more than two decades of innovation and operational excellence, Rolling Wireless helps automotive OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers create applications that enhance safety, delight drivers, and generate additional revenue. The company’s unique open-source software platform enables customers to build Linux-based telematics control units (TCUs) on a single module.

Rolling Wireless was established as an independent company in 2020, with the divestiture of Sierra Wireless’ automotive business unit. Headquartered in Luxembourg, the company employs more than 200 automotive experts worldwide.

About Worthy Technology

Worthy Technology is a globally recognized consulting company, primarily focused on software process improvement, capability assessment, and process management platform software. The company is deeply engaged in the fields of Automotive SPICE, ISO26262 functional safety, and ISO21434 vehicle IT security and Cyber-security. With more than 20 years of industry experience, Worthy Technology has collaborated with major global car manufacturers and suppliers.

About the Lead Assessor

Mr. Yawen (Evan) Hou is one of the founders of Worthy Technology Inc. and has 28 years of experience in the R&D industry. He is an intacs® certified Principal Appraiser for Automotive SPICE, and an official course instructor for provisional & competent level assessors for VDA guidelines and cybersecurity for Automotive SPICE. He is also actively involved in the development of international R&D standards for international organizations and is a member of the intacs organizational SPICE working group. He is experienced in process improvement and assessment like Automotive SPICE, ISO/SAE 26262, and ISO 21434, and has provided expertise to several international certification bodies and forum organizations. He remains at the forefront of R&D, leading software teams in the design and development of R&D process management platforms.