News · Jan 22, 2024

Simplifying the path to ISA compliance: A Proof of Concept by Rolling Wireless and TomTom

TomTom and Rolling Wireless have teamed up to develop a groundbreaking Proof of Concept that demonstrates an easy, cost-effective way for carmakers to meet the Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA) requirements.

Already required for all new vehicle types as of July 2022, Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA) technology will also become mandatory for all new cars sold from July 2024 in the EU.

One year on from the first wave of ISA procurement, some OEMs with smaller volumes in the EU still find themselves without a solution for their platforms. At the same time, some OEMs are currently implementing their ISA systems and are encountering issues with their original suppliers. 

The challenge is especially pronounced for entry-level vehicle segments, whose existing hardware platforms may have architectural constraints and limited resources to support new ISA applications. As a result, OEMs find themselves faced with the need to integrate additional dedicated hardware onboard – bringing more costs and integration complexity. 

TomTom and Rolling Wireless have teamed up to test a viable solution to the challenges faced by OEMs. 

It involves deploying TomTom’s Virtual Horizon software on Rolling Wireless’ Network Access Devices (NADs). NADs are already required onboard vehicles to enable cellular connectivity and GNSS for eCall. With this lightweight solution, car OEMs can satisfy the ISA requirements without the need to invest in separate hardware. 

In this white paper, we describe how our first-of-its-kind solution provides a straightforward path to ISA compliance. We share details of our successful joint Proof of Concept (POC) exercise: demonstrating how an online system for ISA can be implemented on hardware already used by OEMs, allowing them to meet ISA and European New Car Assessment Programme (Euro NCAP) requirements at a fraction of the cost and effort.

Read the white paper below, or contact us for more information