News · Jun 16, 2021

5G on wheels - Revolution or evolution? [Podcast]

In this episode of the weekly Autology podcast, Rolling Wireless COO Andreas Kohn is the guest of IHS Markit analysts Beatriz Minamy and Brian Rhodes. They discuss 5G’s impact on the IoT ecosystem and specifically on the automotive industry, including the transition away from 4G LTE, the first applications to deploy it, and the implications that will result.

Infrastructure investments are bearing fruit by way of rapidly available 5G connections to our smart devices. These same developments are already seeing application in healthcare, manufacturing, and even automotive.

Automotive services like virtual personal assistants and over-the-air software updates are already here to stay, but 5G will be the trigger for next generation services such advanced safety features brought on by vehicle-to-everything communication and full vehicle upgradability. When this will happen and at what cost are just some of the key questions discussed.


  • Andreas Kohn, Chief Operating Officer at Rolling Wireless
  • Beatriz Minamy, Principal Technical Research Analyst, Connected Car at IHS Markit
  • Brian Rhodes, Research & Analysis Manager, Connected Car & Vehicle Experience at IHS Markit

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