Quality Assurance Engineer

Rolling Wireless is an international company with 20+ years of experience in developing cellular modems and software for automotive market. We are worldwide the largest 2nd Tier supplier of cellular modems to the automotive industry.

Working at Rolling Wireless is joining a multicultural team at a high-growth organisation.

We are hiring a Quality Assurance Engineer, who will be part of the Engineering Management team.

Key Accountabilities / Statement of Work
  • Define project quality targets for work products and processes, collaborate with project stakeholders to monitor quality status, improve quality metrics, mitigate quality risks
  • Define and record quality assurance strategy to identify and independently communicate impediments in achieving quality targets for Agile projects
  • Provide objective inspection on the Agile project development process and deliverables, ensure the conformity of work products and processes as implemented by the team to agreed work approach and applicable criteria against quality targets
  • Inspect and improve quality assurance strategy with the team and relevant stakeholders
  • Assist with implementing and improving the engineering Agile process
  • Arrange trainings for teams and other stakeholders for better understanding processes
Required Education
  • Bachelor’s degree or above, major in computer, software, communication
Required Experience
  • 5-10 years work experience
  • More than 3 years of Agile QA, PO, Scrum master or Agile SW development experience
Required Skills and Competencies
  • Familiar with project management, software engineering and Agile process.
  • Familiar with ASPICE model.
  • Familiar with ISO9001/ISO26262/ISO21434 (nice to have)
  • Have good communication, teamwork and analysis and summarization skills
  • Good English reading, writing, listening and speaking skills
  • Quick learning on new concepts, new skills or new technologies
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