Baseband Engineer

The incumbent will be responsible for driving the hardware project for design/debug/validation following up products development and maintenance as well as provide the relative documentations such as design review/validation report.
Position / Assignment Purpose
The responsibilities include: schematics design and review, PCB routing review, build support, FW/RF/MFT/ME development support, hardware test and debug as well as provide validation report.
Key Accountabilities / Statement of Work

1. Hardware design/verification/validation for new product developmen.

2. Provide hardware support for FW/RF/MFT/ME during the product development

3. Hardware design/verify/validation for the new development kit

4. Provide hardware support to customer on design review and debug

5. Hardware validation reporting

Required Education
Electronics Engineering or wireless communication related background is preferred.
Required Experience

1. Good English.

2. Hardware development based on Qualcomm’s chipsets are preferred.

3. 0~3 years experience

Required Skills and Competencies

1. Familiar with the Analog/Digital/MCU principle and application. 

2. Familiar with the industrial standard for Processor/Memory/Power/Interface/Audio. 

3. Familiar with the hardware requirements for RF/BSP/MFT/NPI. 

4. Knows how to design the tests to find out the root cause of the issues and then have the correction actions. 

5. Familiar with the Key hardware components such as Processor/MCP/Regulator/CODEC/Oscillator and knows how to identify the key performance. 

6. Good team work capability and high execution are required.

Employment type
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